Karl-Heinz Metzger

 Enigmatic Bat

 Flight of the Spheres

Girls in the Wind II







 bronze with patina

bronze with patina

bronze with patina

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The artist was born in Pforzheim in 1927.

While training to become a gold- and silversmith, he studied at the Pforzheim School of Applied Arts with Professors Michelis and Kassube (Departments for „Free Drawing and Painting“ and „Relief and Figurine Sculpture“).

In Munster/Westphalia he successfully passed the examinations for the Master Craftsman’s Diploma as a Gold- and Silversmith, and for many years he specialised in Jewellery Design and in the creation of unique pieces of handmade jewellery.

Thirty-five years later, in 1987, he again turned sporadically to free artistic drawing and painting. But it was only in 1990, after working for nearly 20 years as Jewellery Designer and Manager at a well-known Jeweller’s in Munster/Westphalia, that he was again able to devote himself more intensely to creative artistic work.

In 1991 he also began sculpting again, first in clay, including firing and glazing. From 1994 onwards, he has been working with art casting in bronze (lost-wax casting process).

Karl-Heinz Metzger’s works of art, whether sculpture or painting, demonstrate remarkable diversity in themes and styles, the artistic intent of which is brought to light by the use of a wide range of different techniques.

Constantly seeking new forms of artistic expression, he keeps experimenting with shapes,
colours and materials, which often takes him to the outermost limits of craftsmanship and technical possibilities. For him the entire range of Art is too multi-faceted and too fascinating to simply stop exploring at some point, or to fit in with some currently popular cliché or stereotype of style.

His sculptures are sometimes naturalistic, and sometimes expressionistically minimised or completely abstract, often being snapshots of feelings and emotions. His work reaches out to every possible vibration of human emotions and interpersonal relationships. His animal sculptures mirror both dynamism and elegance. The vivid expressive skills typical of the artist effortlessly combine grace, charm, strength and mysticism, always in keeping with his personal credo of absolute aesthetics.

Winner of the Additional Award of 3.I.I.A.C. 2003

Karl-Heinz Metzger lives and works in
D-48301 Nottuln-Schapdetten, Fuldastrasse 34
Tel: +49(0)2509 / 83 39 ~ Fax: +49(0)2509 / 99 59 10